Bopp Pendant light FLOAT


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Ober-/ Unterlicht über Gestensteuerung getrennt schalt- und dimmbar mit Veränderung der Farbtemperatur von 2.300 - 5.000 K, Höhenverstellung durch Liftsystem

Bopp Leuchten II 95690200
This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps.
The lamps can not be replaced in the luminaire.

Order number: 68942

  • measures: Diameter 40 cm, height approx. 40 cm to max. 140 cm
  • LUMINAIRES: Ledband, 39 watt, 5,000 lumen, 2300K / 5000 K Kelvin, Ra>90
  • Illuminant included: yes
  • Control: Gesture control 
    (including )
  • Color: black
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Series: FLOAT
  • High quality LED technology
  • Brand quality  from Germany
Simple height adjustment

Lift system

With the help of the Bopp lift system, the luminaire can be adjusted to any height setting. Simply pull the luminaire down or push it up. The luminaire automatically adjusts itself to this height.

Control the float - like a conductor

Gesture control

You can adjust the brightness of the luminaire using gesture control. If you dim the light down, the light color also becomes warmer. This principle is called Dim-2-warm. Control your luminaire by magic.

Gesture control

Oberlicht und Lichtband-Mitte (über Sensor 1) sowie Unterlicht (über Sensor 2) getrennt über Gestensteuerung dimmbar und Farbtemperatur steuerbar.


Extended manufacturer warranty

Bopp grants a five-year warranty on the LED luminaires, starting from the date of purchase 01.08.2017. Within the scope of this warranty, Bopp is prepared to remedy any defects in the LED luminaire free of charge or to provide a replacement delivery free of charge.


The ring light Float from Bopp impresses with its minimalist design and functional technology. The upper and lower light can be switched on and dimmed separately from each other using gesture control, and the color temperature can be adjusted from 5000K to 2000K at the same time (Dim-To-Warm).

The operation of the Float

The luminaire is infinitely height adjustable by a lift system. By gesture control, both the light color and the brightness can be controlled separately above and below


Bopp lights

Bopp luminaires have been manufactured since 1912 at the Linus Bopp Leuchten GmbH luminaire manufactory in the Odenwald region of Germany. Bopp lights correspond to the most modern lighting technology. As a medium-sized family business, are manufactured with about 80 employees high-quality residential lighting and lighting objects on a craft basis. The Bopp Leuchtenmanufaktur builds for several years specifically LED lights for residential lighting.