BANKAMP LED pendant light Gem


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ZigBee compatible, vertical dimming (no wall dimmer may be connected upstream here) warm dimming

BANKAMP II 2140/1-39
This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps.
The lamps can not be replaced in the luminaire.

Order number: 69098

  • measures: Height 150 cm, width 119 cm
  • LUMINAIRES: 45 W. LED 2200-3000 Kelvin, 4200 Lumen
  • Illuminant included: yes
  • Color: Anthracite matt anodized
  • Series: Gem
  • High quality LED technology
  • Brand quality  from Germany

dim to warm

Dim to warm or warm dimming means that the color temperature adjusts analogously to the brightness, as you know it from the dimming behavior of the classic incandescent lamp. BANKAMP luminaires with a dim to warm LED can be dimmed in a color temperature range of 3000 K - 2200 K, depending on the luminaire type. In the dimmed state, the dim to warm luminaires create a pleasant mood, just as we know it from the glow of a candle or a cozy fireplace.


All Bankamp products (from model year 2020) are covered by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. The warranty applies to all electronic as well as optical components. The warranty period begins with the handover of the goods.

Made in Germany

All BANKAMP luminaires as well as a large part of the LED modules used are manufactured in Germany.

vertical dim

Light control by slightly tilting the body of a BANKAMP pendant luminaire. On/Off as well as stepless dimming. The dimming pulse starts already at a tilt of 12 degrees.


Bankamp Gem luminaires are modern luminaires with innovative lighting technology and inspire with wonderful light. Absolutely stylish in look and ingenious in appearance, the Gem from Bankamp amazes with its narrow, linear luminaire body, which offers incredible lightness. The lamp is manufactured in our own factory from high-quality metal with glass and is refined with an elegant surface.


Bankamp - the lighting manufacture

The Sauerland region is still home to the production of decorative and high-quality living room lamps. They still exist, the good handmade lamps. Manufakturware just! Harness shop, grinding shop, painting and assembly - everything is under one roof. High-quality materials are used to produce lamps that your home in a new light. But not only design and the high quality workmanship are not the only stand for BANKAMP.