Vielfältige Balkonbeleuchtung von Albert: für gemütliche Sommernächte
© Gebr. Albert GmbH & Co. KG
Vielfältige Balkonbeleuchtung von Albert: für gemütliche Sommernächte
© Gebr. Albert GmbH & Co. KG
Vielfältige Balkonbeleuchtung von Albert: für gemütliche Sommernächte
© Gebr. Albert GmbH & Co. KG

Diverse balcony lighting from Albert: for cozy summer nights

Lights for the balcony conjure up an atmospheric light in the evening. Especially on balmy summer nights, coherent outdoor lighting invites you to linger in comfort. But when choosing a suitable balcony lighting, you should consider some important aspects. In our guide to balcony outdoor lights from Albert Leuchten, you will receive useful tips on atmospheric lighting for balconies and loggias.

Set accents with beautifully designed balcony lights - for individual lighting concepts

A beautiful arrangement of balcony lights significantly enhances the outdoor area of your home. In balmy summer nights, the \"outdoor living room\" can be used better if the lighting is solid, bright and glare-free. Adequate lighting makes spending time on the balcony at dusk much more pleasant. This is true when reading a good book or cozy get-together with friends. Often, only a few fairy lights or solar lights are used for balcony lighting. However, a coherent, practical and above all safe lighting concept always needs electricity. This is the only way to effectively control balcony lighting - for example, via the smart home, a light switch or a timer. Bright balcony lights also have great advantages when it comes to safety. With fixed LED lights instead of fairy lights, your battery consumption also drops, while your electricity bill remains virtually unchanged. At Albert Leuchten you get durable balcony outdoor lights for every purpose.

Balcony lights as ceiling and wall models

Balconies and loggias are part of the general living space according to the rental agreement. For this reason, you as a tenant may also attach your own lights to the existing power connections.
You want to make structural changes to the balcony or loggia? Then you must ask the landlord for permission. In the case of minor changes, however, this is not a problem in most cases. Under the above conditions, you can quickly and easily beautify your balcony. Take a wall or ceiling light from Albert Leuchten. The cast aluminum or stainless steel lights are timelessly discreet and fit perfectly into the existing design. The linear lights also provide a pleasant warm white light on balconies. Thus, you spare your eyes during evening games or browsing hours and provide more coziness at the barbecue. We offer balcony lights for the wall or ceiling in various shapes and colors. You also have a wide choice of glass types. Luminaires with opal pane glass provide flat and glare-free light. Spotlights with borosilicate glass provide punctual brightness. So you can, for example, decorations or plants on your balcony in the right light.

Balcony lights as atmospheric accent lighting

In addition to the basic lighting of the wall and ceiling, you can also install additional accent lighting on your balcony. This works even if so far there are no connections for balcony lights with electricity. Spit or ground spotlights from Albert Leuchten have a 2.5 meter long supply line. This is equipped with a standard safety plug. This makes it possible to accommodate the lights even in larger planters or flower boxes. Many balcony lights LED from our manufacture are dimmable and swiveling. So you can design a personal lighting concept for your balcony or loggia. With Albert lights, your outdoor living room will become your new favorite place. Even if the balcony spotlights are not covered, safety is guaranteed at all times. Albert balcony lights with LED light bodies have a high IP protection class. This means that the products are protected from moisture and penetrating foreign bodies. Not only the surface-mounted ceiling spotlights and the area spotlights additionally score with an integrated surge protection.

Balcony LED lights - energy-saving permanent burners

As a long-standing company with ecological responsibility, Albert Leuchten relies on high-quality lighting technology \"made in Germany\". Albert works permanently on energy-saving lighting solutions and therefore equips the balcony lighting with contemporary LED technology. Retrofit balcony lights accept LED bulbs with conventional sockets and are therefore particularly easy to maintain. But repairing our balcony lights with replaceable reflector lamps or LED components is also a breeze. We want you to enjoy your balcony LED light for as long as possible. That's why Albert provides a years-long after-sales warranty on wear parts such as LED boards or LED bulbs.

Whether it's planar lighting for reading, playing or lingering, or spotlights for those great decorative moments. At Albert Leuchten, you are guaranteed to find quality balcony lighting for your outdoor spaces. Design your balcony or loggia with products from the manufactory of Albert.
As the owner - or with the permission of your landlord - you can also realize elaborate balcony projects with our range. Design your outdoor area with stylish recessed floor lights or recessed ceiling spotlights. Or upgrade your balcony with country-style lights. Your balcony, your lighting ideas!